Visit to Florence

Yesterday we went to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world: … Florence!
We had some business appointments and we took the opportunity to visit it and have lunch at the famous Central Market (see some photos here).

We can confirm that people are slowly getting out of the lock down psychologically and are trying to discover again the treasures that Italy holds. Obviously it is we Italians who are leaving to discover Tuscany as the limitations still present at an international level does not allow us to still have foreign guests.

Yesterday, was the Saint’s day of Florence (San Giovanni) and the florentines took the opportunity to dedicate a day to the sea or to the mountains to relax and recover from this difficult moment.

We have thus been able to enjoy a city with very few people and this has never happened to us in our life.

The hope is that everything will soon start again and that you too will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our beloved Tuscany.

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